Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance Company


Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you were trying to choose insurance policies? You may have been confused by all the industry jargon or found it difficult to see the benefits of one policy or company over another. Therefore, these are tips for choosing the right insurance company.

Choose Either an Insurance Company or an Independent Agent

Insurance companies have specific products they sell. They only sell company products. They underwrite the policy, collect premiums and pay claims. They are for-profit organizations, and they sell one or several different types of policies, e.g., auto, home, life and health insurance.

Independent agents sell products from multiple insurance companies. Therefore, they can help you compare rates and benefits. You also work with the same person whenever you need anything. Agents may sell one type of insurance, or they may sell multiple types, so you may be able to get your homeowners and automobile insurance from the same agent.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Research each company or agent. Find out how long they have been in business and where they are licensed to sell their products. For example, what company or agent is licensed to sell insurance services Maitland FL? Learn about their missions, visions and values as well as their leadership and community involvement. Review their financials to determine whether they are fiscally solid. Then, review their products.

You should also check online reviews, the Better Business Bureau and your local chamber of commerce. Ask people who have worked with your prospects. Does it sound like the company or agent is easy to work with?

Review Their Policies

What types of insurance does the company or agent offer, and what is covered under each insurance policy? What are the policy prices? Compare these across companies.

Also, learn about their convenience tools, such as online bill pay, customer service, social media and claims process. Research any discounts they are offering as well.

Don’t choose a policy based solely on price. Choose a company or agent that provides exceptional service, has a great reputation and offers competitive coverage and rates.

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