Don Forman Nissan Community Contributions Build a Better Las Vegas



Don Forman continues to impress friends, neighbors, business peers, and even complete strangers throughout the Las Vegas community with his charitable contributions and community-first-focused activities.


Working in partnership with the Fox5 5 Surprise Squad since 2014 but also making several different charitable contributions through Don Forman Nissan as well, this Vegas-based entrepreneur is beloved as much for his philanthropic work as-is for his great deals and beautiful Nissan vehicles for sale!


Recognized for His Work with the Fox5 5 Surprise Squad


Always serious about giving back to the Las Vegas community that has provided so much to him and his family at Don Forman Nissan, the work done in partnership with the Fox5 Surprise Squad has helped to directly improve and impact the lives of hundreds of people throughout the area.


Anyone that has followed along with Fox5 Surprise Squad probably knows the story of Glen Zani, a man that wanted to build memorials for the individuals who senselessly lost their lives at the mass shooting in Vegas during 2017.


Glenn was short of funds and shorter resources, but Don stepped in as soon as he heard about the project – contributing money and equipment to create the monument that still stands today.


No one that has ever purchased vehicles from Don Forman Nissan was surprised to hear about that story, recognizing immediately that the man behind one of the most popular Nissan North America dealership rings in California and Las Vegas has a heart of gold from their own interactions with him.


Don’s hands continue to be involved heavily with the Fox5 Surprise Squad charitable efforts even still today, providing free Nissan North America cars to a team of young girls living in Vegas that didn’t have enough money to commute to and from a local college.


Continued Efforts to Improve Lives in Las Vegas


Gifts of Thanksgiving turkeys, funding for sporting events and youth programs, and other surprise philanthropic efforts (often not bearing the name Don Forman Nissan at all but done completely anonymously) are all part of the Las Vegas community fabric now.


It’s incredible to see someone so successful in the community continue to want to give back, to improve the lives of his friends and neighbors, and to make sure that no one in Las Vegas feels like they have been left behind or forgotten.


About Don Forman


One of the most reputable entrepreneurs in the city of Las Vegas, Don Forman and his Nissan Automotive group is nationally recognized as one of the most successful car dealership rings in the country – and certainly one of the most charitable.


Always working to find ways to contribute positively to the local community, Don and his family have partnered with Fox5 (as well as other entrepreneurs and business owners in the area) to find real ways to make an impact in the lives of the people that live and work in this great city.


A very active participant in the philanthropic efforts he spearheads, it’s not unusual to see Don throughout the city – or online – making an effort to boost the spirits or improve the lives of everyone he comes in contact with!

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