Naked Bike vs Faired Bike: Which is Better for You?


How do you choose between two bikes that are equally good? There is a huge craze for both naked and faired bikes in the Indian automobile market. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both have their own market segments where people go gaga over the bike’s features, performance and specifications.

But are you a beginner? Are you unaware of the basic info about a naked bike and a faired bike? If yes, need not to worry. This article explains everything about both the categories and highlight why you should or should not purchase a specific bike.

Naked Bike
A naked bike is a standard version of a bike whose foot pegs, handlebars are positioned for extreme comfort. 
Why should you buy a naked bike? Why you should not buy a naked bike?
  • Light in weight: Being standard in their version, naked bikes are lighter than faired bikes. This gives them a better energy to weight proportion. For beginners, who are not used to handling a bike’s weight, a naked bike makes the right pick.
  • Less damage and low maintenance: Due to the absence of any kind of fairings in the bike, the damages to the bike, in case of an accident, are less than faired bikes. However, you should always buy two wheeler insurance for complete protection against uncertainties.
  • Highly comfortable: If you are seeking comfort above anything else, a naked bike is the best option as it provides an upright riding position.
  • Difficulty in top speed: As a result of poor streamlined features, naked bikes find it difficult to achieve a top speed.


Faired Bike
In faired bikes, a shell is placed over the bike’s frame, so as to make them appear like a sports bike. 
Why should you buy a faired bike? Why you should not buy a faired bike?
  • Reduce air drag: By improving the bike’s aerodynamics, faired bikes strengthen the stability at speed. Improved aerodynamics also allows for minimal fuel consumption.
  • Rider protection: Faired bikes are designed in a manner to protect the rider from wind-induced hypothermia, airborne hazards, and the components of the bike’s engine, in case of an accident.
  • More power: When compared to naked bikes, faired bikes are more powerful with long gear ratios and less torque. 
  • Not a sports bike: most of the Indians fall for faired bikes because they feel that faired bikes and sports bikes are the same. If you simply wish to purchase a faired bike, thinking that it is a sports bike, don’t go further with the thought as it is a misconception. Having said that, it cannot be ignored that some fully-faired bikes come in the category of sports bikes. So, do a thorough research on this, before purchasing a faired bike. 


Choosing between both of them is a really tough decision. The only easy way is to analyse your needs and preferences first, and then pick the ideal option. Whichever bike you choose, make sure you look for a two wheeler insurance online and enjoy a safe and joyous ride. 

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