How to valet your car properly


A shiny car matters

Our car is a very dear thing for us and whatever is dear to us we keep it clean. Cars are no exception and we all go to extreme measures to make sure that our racing machine always remains spotless. A shiny car does matter. A clean and glossy car does attract viewers and people marvel at your machine.

You might have found yourself thinking about getting your car to a car valet in Bracknell or Bershire area who can give your car a good clean and make it look like brand new again but have stepped back because of the high costs. You might have discarded the plan, but you still want that shiny good look in your car.

You do not need to worry about it as there are some simple pieces of equipment and techniques that you can follow to get that perfect look for your car. Just follow the given steps and you will know just how to valet your car properly like a professional. It takes a good deal of labour, but the outcome is as if your car has been cleaned by a professional.

How to valet your car like a professional?

Cleaning your car like a professional is no big deal and simply requires some good equipment and a lot of sweating and more importantly, you should know how to approach the task at hand. So, given below is the list of the items that you should have to properly valet your car.

The items required are:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Foam shampoo or leather cleaner depending on your seats
  3. Washing mitts
  4. Stiff or hard brush along with toothbrush (for nooks and crannies)
  5. Microfiber cloths and a drying towel
  6. Car cleaning solution for mixing with water
  7. Car wax
  8. Ammonia free glass cleaner

But as mentioned above, only the tools are not enough, you need to know how to properly approach the task at hand. So, given below are the basic steps for how to properly valet your car.

The steps that you need to follow are:

Exterior cleaning

  1. The first step that you need to take is to clean the outside of the car with some cleaning solution and rinse it properly with water. Make sure to get rid of any mud or other spots.
  2. Let the outside dry for a while.
  3. Wax the exteriors only if necessary. Regular waxing is not necessary.

Interior cleaning

  1. Get a vacuum cleaner to clean off the dust from your car seats and other shelves
  2. Vacuum the floor properly and take out the seats if necessary, also clean the boot floor
  3. For stains, clean them with foam cleaner and a cloth.
  4. Use multipurpose cleaners for difficult shapes and corners.
  5. After shampooing the car get another round of vacuuming to ensure that all the dirt has been properly cleaned.

That was it. See how simple it is. Just get the right tools and put in some work and sweat and your beloved car will start shining as if newly brought from the store. Now you do not have any need to worry about the valet cost as you can yourself properly valet your car at your home itself.

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