Symptoms Your Car is Asking for an Oil Change


The engine which is the soul of any car runs it day and night for you. But after a certain point of time, it asks for a little favor from you, i.e., getting its motor oil changed. The manufacturer will also intimidate you about that time limit, when it will be best to change the car engine oil. But if you’ve missed it out for some reason, thinking its okay, your car will start displaying its displeasure over this fact through the following symptoms, warned the head of the mechanics who run the Atascocita oil change service.

  1. Turning on the Check Engine Light

The car will first let you know something is wrong in the engine compartment, by turning on the “check engine” light on the dashboard and would refuse to turn it off until you fill up the engine reservoir with the right kind of motor oil.

But it can stay illuminated even after the change of the oil, if it is too late, and one or more components of the engine has worn out because of undue friction with each other, since there was a lack of proper lubrication.

When theirs is either less amount of oil in the system, or the quality of the oil has become too contaminated. At any of such events, do take your car for a diagnosis or an oil change.

  1. Engine will Make a Knocking Sound

Since it is the engine oil which is supposed to provide a protective layer between the different parts of the engine, it will not work that way, if the oil gets too contaminated or has reduced in quantity than its recommended level.

So the engine components will now brush each other, create friction, and get overheated. As a result you are most likely to hear a knocking sound whenever you try to start the engine.

  1. Oily Odor

The engine oil might start letting you know its presence as soon as you get inside your car cabin if there is a leakage. In such cases, you need to getyour car engine checked and repair the leakage, no need to say that filling the oil up will be the next step.

  1. Smoke Emitted from the Exhaust

If your car emits unusual amount of black, blue, or white smoke from the tail pipe, know that the engine and exhaust systems are at stake. An oil changing session will be only the starting point to fix them back, which can be followed by even more complicated repair procedures of left unattended.

  1. Consume Excessive Fuel

If you are stopping more often at the pump stations than you used to, then it is a clear indication your car engine needs to get an immediate treatment. In most cases, changing the motor oil might help, unless things have gone more deeper. So the technical team who offer services oil change service in Atascocita, suggested that a timely oil change can save you from all these hazards and monetary investments.

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