Everything to Know About Sur-Ron Light Bee X


When you invest in any kind of vehicle, even if it’s a luxury brand, one ought to understand how it works and what are the benefits of using it. So, to know about a few significant aspects of a vehicle, one must have some knowledge about the features of the machine. 

With the advancement of technology, there have been certain rapid changes in the manufacturing of vehicles and bikes. Sur-Ron bikes, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular by the day, especially amongst bikers. Sur-Ron, as a manufacturer, projects several models, but we shall delve into the most popular model: Sur-Ron light bee X.

The light bee X comes with a 60V of power, from a removable lithium-ion battery pack. The machine boasts a 50Kg weight, which is a result of the combination of a forged lightweight aluminum frame and high spec components. 

Apart from these, strong 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are mounted front and rear. There’s an easily accessible USB charger which offers convenience and with a climbing ability of more than 45 degrees, with up to 100 Km range, the Sur-Ron light bee X is one of the most sought-after e-bikes in the industry today.

  • Let’s talk frame

The ultra-lightweight frame on this bike is one of its highest selling points. With a 7.8 Kg frame, made from aviation grade aluminum alloy, through a fully automated welding process, the consistency in the production of this model is ensured. 

  • Significance of brakes

The importance of brakes cannot be neglected when it comes to vehicles, especially bikes. Surron light bee X is meant for coarse surfaces and rough environments, which demands an effective braking system. Therefore, the braking system in these bikes features opposed, 4-piston hydraulic calipers with metallic brake pads and 203mm discs to support a safe and reliable braking system. 

  • Sporty experience

The Sur-Ron bikes are meant for giving the riders an exhilarating sporty experience. Not only does it require the riders to have a certain level of physical competency, but mental as well! The light bee X boasts 6kw of power and 250 nm of torque, which is perfect for traversing rough terrains and mountains! 


The Sur-Ron bikes are deemed as the next generation of electric high performing bikes. And with a 50 kg curb weight, 250 nm max torque and fast charging within 3 hours, the light bee X is one of the most selling models of Sur-Ron e-bikes.


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