Signs Your Construction Business Needs to Control Traffic


Construction work sometimes impacts the roadways. When that happens, your business must draw up a plan and work with the local government to divert traffic. Those cars won’t stop moving simply because of your project. Here are some signs your company needs to safely control traffic and protect your crew. To control traffic you can hire a traffic controller from APO Security.

Safety Signs

Temporary safety signs alert drivers of upcoming road construction. Having multiple signs gives drivers enough time to prepare to slow down or stop. This helps keep drivers safe, but more importantly, they are more likely to be aware of workers on the roadway. Safety signs are part of a traffic control plan Washington. The most common signs are men at work, detour, road work ahead, be prepared to stop and construction ahead. You can choose signs that indicate a particular direction or feet ahead.

Stop Paddles

These stop/slow paddles are great for workers directing traffic when one lane closes. The long pole makes it easy for drivers to see the sign regardless of the height of the worker. The pole also allows the worker to rest the end on the ground without impacting visibility. This helps keep workers from overworking their arms holding a pole for hours throughout the day.

Channel Devices

Channel traffic where you need it using traffic cones, tubular markers, drums, vertical panels and barricades. The local city may prefer you to use one or more channelizing devices when closing part or all of a roadway. Each of these devices has reflective tape making it visible to drivers at night. Their bright orange and white appearance is something drivers pay attention to.

Arrow Panel

On highly used roadways, arrow panels increase awareness of lane closures. These panels flash the direction traffic is moving towards such as left for a right lane closure. Their constant visibility regardless of the time of day makes them handy on highways. Choose one that stands alone or on a trailer for easy mobility. These are the most used roadway signs to help control traffic.


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