Luxury Ride Experience with the 2020 Genesis G80     


Genesis has emerged as a new automotive brand name that branched out from Hyundai to focus on manufacturing only premium luxury cars. It has succeeded in its aim and is now in direct ring of competition with Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi.

Of late the luxury models manufactured by Genesis are showing envious sales record for many, who were so far enjoying the first row of status in the segment of premium luxury cars. Genesis on the other hand took no time to set up an exemplary record of popularity, by allowing a large section of aspirant car buyersto fulfill their dreams of owning a luxury car, by lowering the price while offering the same amount and quality of luxury appointments, interpreted a veteran auto expert at the premise of the Richmond Genesis dealer showroom. There we got to see the 2020 Genesis G80 models that stood with an aristocratic gesture, which is hard to overlook.

The Aristocratic Design

The first reason why the Genesis models like 2020 G80 rose to fame, is the aristocratic look and finish that will attract the eyes of anyone around. As a premium luxury sedan, each of the trim models of 2020 Genesis G80 wears a unique exterior shape that will look different from the rest of the lot. It is the sleek architecture with bold lines underlining its inner strength, while its front fascia subtly boasts about the elegance and respect the brand Genesis has already earned. The touch of luxury is felt everywhere but without any flashy design component. The LED headlights glitter with a pearly white light, while the elongated shape reflects the golden era of old sedans, adorning their retro look.

Concept of In-Car LuxuryRedefined

As one of the prominent members of the premium luxury car segment, the 2020 G80 sedans holds upright, the pride of its brand, Genesis. From the outside, it will instigate your imagination and leave you guessing how luxurious will be the cabin inside. But as you step in, surprisingly enough you will find a subdued atmosphere with subtle elegant touch everywhere. In clear words, you won’t find any frills of luxury anywhere inside a 2020 Genesis G80 cabin. But they will slowly take you inside the folds of its luxuriously comfortable seats and reveal all its luxury components as time passes by.

What you will notice first is the abundance of personal space for each occupant, then it will take your senses to feel the richness pf quality every surface you touch or see. Though apparently all of them will look delicate, in reality they all are meant to last a lifetime.

The solid surfaces in every 2020 Genesis G80 models are made of open-pore real wood veneers that use grains of rich natural wood. The upholstery can range from synthetic leather in the lower trims to softNappa leather on higher trims with all real aluminum metals used to build the frames and handles, each of them taking intriguing geometrical shapes to grab your attention.

Our ride with the 2020 Genesis G80 at the Genesis dealership Richmond, can be easily compared with a gliding effect that sweeps off the ground with a buttery smooth movement.

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