3 Signs Your Car Needs a Service


You probably already know the importance of routine maintenance when it comes to keeping your car in top shape. However, knowing how important it is and actually scheduling an appointment at the brake repair shop san bernardino ca are two very different things. That is why you should know what signs you can probably ignore for a little while longer and which ones — like these three — require immediate attention. 

  1. The Brakes Make a Grinding Sound

While it is easy to ignore the brakes on your vehicle (after all, they are just here, right?), there are times when they are warning you of a problem. Grinding noise coming from the brakes is one of those times, especially if you notice your stopping distance getting longer. It’s usually not a good idea to push your luck when it comes to a brake problem, so go ahead and schedule brake repair Bloomington IL and get the problem fixed.

  1. There Is a Spot on Your Driveway

Monitoring your parking spot can give you a lot of insight into your vehicle’s condition. For example, if you notice a spot that is getting bigger, it is a pretty sure sign you have a leak. You may be able to determine what is leaking based on the color or smell of the fluid. Otherwise, you’ll have to check all the levels until you find which one is off. Either way, it’s a good idea to top off the fluid and make arrangements to have the leaking part repaired.  

  1. The Check Engine Light Is On

Some clues are more obvious than others. Your check engine light is a perfect example. If your comes on, don’t just reset it; you should at least have it scanned for an error code. If it is flashing, find a safe place to pull off the road and call for a tow truck; continuing to drive the car can lead to major engine damage.

Cars are designed to last for many miles if they are maintained, and that includes scheduling service if you notice signs of trouble, like a check engine light, brake noise, or obvious leaks. 


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