3 Most Commonly Broken Driving Laws


You may think you’re a pretty safe driver, and chances are you’re probably right. However, even if you are very conscientious and don’t break the law intentionally, there may be times when you don’t focus your attention on your driving and commit a violation unintentionally. Part of the problem may be that you learned how to drive many years ago and forgotten some of the nuances of the law over the intervening decades. Refresher courses Township PA may help you to become more confident in your knowledge of the law and more diligent in upholding it while you are behind the wheel.

  1. Improper Lane Changes

Usually, an improper lane change involves use of the signal, or the lack thereof. Signaling is important because it communicates your intentions to those around you. If you are already in the middle of the lane change when you signal, that defeats the purpose and could mean a citation. Failing to signal at all is a more obvious violation.

  1. Failure to Yield

The right-of-way rules are in place to promote safety and prevent chaos, especially at intersections. Unfortunately, because there are a great many contingencies that can apply, it is difficult to remember them all. Even if you know the right-of-way rules, it can be difficult to apply them if you do not pay close enough attention to who stopped first.

  1. Running a Stop Sign or Red Light

A frequent issue at stop signs is simply slowing down without making a complete stop by fully applying the brake. This can interfere with the right-of-way rules already mentioned, potentially causing a collision.

Most people who run a red light don’t necessarily intend to do so. The light is yellow as they approach the intersection, and they think they can make it through. To avoid accidentally running a red light in this fashion, it is best to stop at a yellow light if you can do so safely.


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