Car Services You Can Get Done at an Auto Body Shop


Keeping your car in good shape, is your responsibility, but not really your job. It can be better done by the professionals whom you have seen handling the cars at auto body shops. At this juncture, we must remind you that we are talking about the auto body shop and not about the auto repair shop. The difference in them, must be known to you, but if it isn’t then, let us explain.

An auto body shop will handle only the issues that are related to your car body, specifically, and not with its running mechanisms. So, let us list down the items of services that can be availed at the auto body shops. Or, in other words, let us see, which are the issues that can be addressed by only the auto body shops.

Dent and Scratch Repair

These are the ugly issues that take place when you are least prepared. You cannot even prevent them, as in most cases, these are inflicted upon your car by others, especially, strangers. But do not worry. The auto body shops are places, where you can get these car ailments treated with supreme expertise. They will return your car, that will not remind you of where the dents had fallen.

Hail Damage Repair

If your car got exposed to hailstorms, and it took a bad toll on your car body, you can drive your car to an auto body shop and get them repaired. The damages can include scratches, dents, roof damage, windshield chipping and window glass cracks.

Bumper Damage Repair or Replacement

If your car collided with another car, or dashed against any concrete, it is natural to have a bumper damage. The damage could have caused to either of the two bumpers, the front, and the rear. The auto body shops will suggest you a repair work, if there is a dent on the bumper, but will announce the requirement of a replacement, if the bumper has developed even a small hairline crack, as it will break down its structural integrity. Once there is a crack on the bumper, it cannot protect your car any further, of there is yet another chance of a collision.

Windshield and Wiper Replacement

If for any reason, your car windshield got cracked up, chipped off, or broken down you cannot drive without replacing it. For this you have to depend on an auto body shop, where this job will be done smoothly. Same is with the windshield wipers. If they stop working their usual way, get them replaced at an auto body shop before you take your car out on a rainy day.

Frame Straightening

The most unfortunate damage that your car can face is a damage on the frame itself, after getting involved in a collision. With a damage on its structure itself, your car would not be able to perform anything at all. Even the mechanisms would get affected. In some of the worst cases, you can only think of leaving your car as a junk, but in some cases, you can revive back its shape and functionality, by performing a frame straightening service done on its body. It is needless to say, that only an authorized auto body shop can do this miracle.

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