Five Good Effects of Changing Your Car Air Filter in Time


Preventive car maintenance that are strongly recommended by the auto experts have their own good effects. Changing the car air filter is considered as one of the major preventive maintenance components for a reason. It clearly has a positive effect on the car in many ways. So, we thought of jotting them down right here, to help you in maintaining your car well. We gathered this piece of information from the tea of mechanics who run the Twin Falls air filter service.

Reviving your Car Fuel Efficiency:

One of the biggest reasons why you need to change the air filter of your car regularly is reviving its car fuel efficiency. It so happens that for each gallon of fuel that is burned in the engine, your car uses up to 10,000 gallons of air. Hence, if the air filter is not in healthy working condition, it will eventually block the way of fresh air intake, because of which your engine will have to work hard to perform its job.

So, on the flip side, once you change the air filter in time, the air intake keeps happening in its usual pace. As a result, the engine gets to work easily without having to depend entirely on the fuel to perform all its tasks. The result is simple. you need to halt at the pump station less frequently.

Reduced Amount of Emissions:

It is not difficult to understand that clogged air filters will automatically reduce the quantity of air flow to the engine. Rather it will literally start choking it, which will negatively affect the emission control systems. Not only it will cause an incorrect air-fuel mixture but will also create spark plug ignition problems leading to serious drivability issues.

It happens like this because in case of a reduced air flow, the spark plugs will start getting overheated because of lack of natural cooling. This will naturally result in an engine misfire or rough idling, greatly affecting the fuel mileage as well.

Lack of good air flow can also increase the amount of engine deposits because of too rich a fuel mixture. This may even cause the “Service Engine Soon” light get illuminated. On the contrary, increased air flow which can only be possible after a timely air filter change will allow the engine to operate properly while reducing the fuel consumption as well harmful emissions.

Prolongs the Lifespan of the Engine:

Changing the air filter is an inexpensive quick fix, that will not only allow the engine properly, but also keep the engine compartment free of dust and debris. Regular air filter change will hence help in prolonging the lifespan of the car engine because the air filter is specifically designed to trap all the damaging dirt and debris from entering the engine parts like the cylinders and pistons. Once the engine is saved from further damage due to an active air filter doing its job well, explained the team of mechanics who offer air filter service near Twin Falls.

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