Finest Choices for the Finest Motorbikes As Per Your Requirement


Desired use, morphology, budget, experience, insurance. Many parameters are to be taken into account in the choice of purchase of a motorcycle. Focus on the questions to ask before buying a motorcycle. You can go for a cote à cote comparison and come up with the options that you will thing as the best.

How to choose your bike?

Before the aesthetic aspect, many parameters must be taken into account before buying a motorcycle, such as the displacements allowed by the license in our possession, physical capabilities, the intended use or the driving experience. Added to this is the financial criterion imposed by the driving of a motorcycle and the insurance that goes with it.

Like other machines based on the CB500 platform, the X engine is not the most thrilling. But it is a motorcycle to begin with that offers many other qualities: versatility, ease and reliability to any test. Ideal in the city and on the outskirts, the Honda CB500X draws more towards the road than the trail, and allows considering its first road trips without difficulty. For everyday use, we appreciate its very low consumption (~ 4.5 l / 100 km).

The CB500X is the machine that comes naturally to me when we hear about “motorcycle utility”. Good to do everything, it runs with discretion, without ever surprising you. Its simplicity is simply disconcerting … And this is probably the only complaint we could make him. By making it hyper accessible, Honda has made a motorcycle may be a little bland.

The neo-retro

Everything is in the name! This is a motorcycle for beginners who combines a retro look with mechanics and electronics often at the forefront. Like the roadsters, these machines focus on the essence of the bike, the look and more.

Yamaha XSR700

Based on the MT-07, the Yamaha XSR700 is the neo-retro penchant of the roadster appreciated by young drivers. It must be said that XSR retains the ease and agility of it and its engine full of life, even bridled. However, it costs a little expensive its look, with some details that are sometimes not up to the price difference with the machine from which it came. Yamaha offers a large catalog to personalize the machine. And then, being assembled in the factories of (ex) MBK near Saint-Quentin, you thus make the Made in France walk.

Another derivative of the boiling MT-07! No surprise here: the engine is still good, the suspensions still perfectible. Only the style differs by borrowing aesthetic elements dear to the neo-retro movement. For my part, we find it unfortunate that only 2 colors are present in the catalog. For a machine supposed to play the card of customization, we will iron!

Moto Guzzi V7 III

The Moto Guzzi V7 III is not one of those machines that have an ultra-nervous engine. However, the transverse twin is pleasant to take, quite coupled and, it is placed in a cycle part at the height. Thanks to its technical solutions, it is an “authentic” machine compared to most of the neo-retro market. However, the price can put off more than one.

The V-twin engine, facing the road. What a mouth. Personally, many are fans of the Moto Guzzi V7 III . This iconic machine also has real arguments for big wheels. Its final gimbal transmission and overall comfort make it a partner of choice if you enjoy motorcycle journeys.

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