Helpful Tips for Reducing Gas Mileage Your Car


Most Americans would love to save money at the gas pump, especially when gas prices rise because of demand and economic implications. You may not have the funds to install an electric fuel pump controller or a secondary air intake, but there are easy solutions you can still try to improve your gas mileage. So long as they are legal in your state, you may want to consider some of these options.

Watch Your Speed

Though it might take you twice as long to get to work, if you never drive about 45 miles per hour, you will burn a lot less fuel. Your engine sucks in more gas the faster you do, so reducing your driving speeds is a quick way to make your tank last longer.

Reduce Wind Resistance

Wind resistance puts a little extra strain on your vehicle, causing it to use more fuel. You could try removing the mirrors on the passenger side of the vehicle or the rooftop carrier. Extra weight also creates resistance, so empty out unnecessary items when driving around town.

Check Your Driving Habits

Even though it may be necessary to slam on the brakes every now and then, constantly riding the brakes and quickly accelerating to make up for the slow down will eat aware at your gas. This eats away at your tank of gas. Drive slower but also more mindfully, breaking less whenever possible.

Turn Off the AC

You may live in a dry, humid area, in which case this idea is just too unbearable to implement. However, if you can handle it, turning off the AC will help reduce your fuel consumption. You can save even more if you are willing to ride with the windows rolled up as it improves the aerodynamics of the car.

When it comes to saving your gas money, any little bit will help. Give some of these ideas a try.

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