How To Store Your Boat Automotive


When you aren’t using your boat, storage is essential. How do you choose where and when to store your boat? What options are available? Here are some of the most common storage options for storing your boat in the winter or during the boating season.

Dry Stacking

full-service marina Seabrook TX can offer storage options such as dry stacking. This form of storage keeps your boat in a warehouse location, which means it’s protected from the weather and theft. Forklifts lift and lower the boats into their spaces and back to the water when you need it. Keep in mind this option can be costly. During busy seasons, you may not be able to get your boat in the water without advanced notice.

Wet Storage

In moderate climates where your boat can be used year-round a wet storage option in the form of a marina slip can be the best storage solution. Marina slips are typically priced based on the length of your boat and offer an easy way for you to get on the water. A marina can offer plenty of amenities for boat owners, including gas tanks, electrical hookups and socializing opportunities.

Shrink Wrap

This inexpensive way to protect your boat during the winter can be the best solution if you need to keep your boat at home. Make sure your boat is completely dry before it is shrink-wrapped since moisture can get trapped inside promoting the growth of mold and mildew. You can do this yourself at home or hire someone to do it for you.

Boat Lift

If you own a dock and want to keep your boat out of the water a boat lift can be a fantastic solution. These are best for moderate climates and allow you to have access to your boat quickly.

Choose your storage option based on your preferences for budget and availability.

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