Important things to consider when buying a new bike


Buying a brand new first bike is a different feeling since your first bike signifies various transitions in your new life. Even though the bike is one of the means of transport for your professional or personal purpose it is something special for people’s especially young boys. As it plays a vital role in everyone life it is important to consider a few points before sealing the deal. Before buying the bike you have to sure about the needs for which you are buying the bike. Here is something that you need to consider when buying a new bike.

Type of two wheelers

Before buying two wheelers the first step thing that you need to do is to find the type of two wheelers. There are different types of bikes available in the market so you need to be sure about whether you are going to buy hero xtreme 160r 2020or other types of bikes like sports bikes, touring bikes, off-road bikes, scooters etc. Finding the type of bike that best suits your need is very important.

Budget and finance

It is essential to decide on a budget which will allow you to buy a two-wheeler as per your requirement. As the price of the two wheelers is going up each day you need to find and fix the best-suited budget for you. Make sure you have assessed your need and decided on the type of two wheelers to buy before deciding on a budget though.

Start the research on the prices of two wheelers in your category and different dealers in the market once you have done with finalising the type. Search around is very important to find the low and best quality bike because if you are buying hero xpulse 200 bs6 priceits rate will be different with one dealer and the dealer in the other places. So ensure you are dealing with the right dealer.


When buying two wheeler mileage is the most important factor to consider. It is because mileage will have a direct impact on the vehicle’s monthly costs with the rising fuel prices. Also, remember the fact that mileage on highways is different from city mileage. So consider your living area and your selected bike mil

Check the bike’s ergonomics

It is important in determining your experience with the ride. Before buying a bike you need to find the seating position, position of your legs, wrist position, and handlebar reach etc. Determining all these factors will help you to find how comfortable the bike will be for your body structure. The other main thing and the mistake that everyone do is they will not think for the long term use. It is important to think long term when you are considering these things. The long term thinking is important because you will be leading half of your life with your bike.

The bottom line

Other than is checking for insurance, taking a test drive, visiting multiple dealers, selecting the perfect brand is also some important factor. Don’t rush while buying the bike because rushing or tempting to park a new bike in front of your home may end up with the wrong hands. So take your own time and find the best bike and the dealer.

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