Is ceramic coating recommended for your car?


Ceramic coatings are recommended to protect your vehicles from contaminants which cause early aging, oxidation, swirling and marring. The coating gets laid on your vehicle and forms a robust shield which is unable to be rubbed, washed or wiped out. The coating offers additional protection from easily aging substances like UV rays, corrosion, stain, scratch and more. Hence, ceramic coating offers both long-term and short-term benefits to your car and makes it look great.

Ceramic coating Edmonton isn’t just good for your car, but they are highly recommended. Right from coupes to sedan, SUVs to truck, it can be applied on any vehicle. It also lowers wash times and makes cleanups simple. Another benefit of the coating is that it offers extra hardness to the coat’s surface. The hardness keeps the paint coat securer, thereby allowing the ceramic coat to bear all the brunt. 

So, all in all, ceramic coating functions as a shield to prevent any damage occurred by scratching and same. It has been formatted in such a way that it will never cause any damage to the present paint. So, it keeps your original car coat in pristine condition and also protects it against unsightly blemishes. 

Does it have any drawbacks?

Well, it has only one drawback and i.e. the length of the warrant available with different packages. However, it depends on the package you choose. If you are looking for a lifetime warranty, then you have a package for that too. 

If you want to keep your vehicle in a good condition without compromising on anything, then this is a small price for it. And, its additions will greatly benefit your vehicle’s safety. Though it may not be as sturdy as paint protection film, but ceramic coating offers something which PPF cannot. The invisible gel hardens on the surface to make a lustrous protective coating. The invisible coat renders long term protection to your car without any compromise on the style.

Can ceramic coating enhance the resale value of your car?

Yes, definetly! When you add ceramic coating to your vehicle it increases its resale value. The simple reason behind it is that your car has a precious layer of nano-ceramic coating which protects it from damages, UV rays and early aging. It makes your car look better and have lesser damaged coats. So, when you are planning to re-sell your car, it will fetch highest return on the vehicle.

Ceramic Coating is approved in Canada and anyone can get it done on their vehicle. It comes in different packaged warranties and help in enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. The coating remains on the car for a long time period and protect it. It also helps the owners in lower maintenances and quick cleaning. The protected surface doesn’t has any contaminant and hence sell for a higher rate in comparison to cars with no ceramic coating.

So, hire a skilled ceramic coating Edmonton company today and get it done by the hands of professionals. 

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