Read this to know how you can avoid road accidents:


Almost everyone gets on the street to go to work on a daily basis. Some are pedestrians while others use to drive. No matter if you are on foot or in a car, accident can happen to anyone if you stop being careful. There are various safety measures decided by the council that should be followed by everyone. But the truth is very few people care about these rules. When you are driving carelessly, you’re not only putting your life at risk, but also the lives of people who are walking on street. Following these rules is not a big task. Even every rule is quite simple to follow. People unnecessarily die because of not wearing a seat belt. Most people do not even slow down their car at speed bumps. Such small intricacies are enough to steal away your life.

Here’s how you can save your life:

Following traffic rules to ensure that you do not put your and life of others in danger, is quite simple. Firstly, you have to be aware of the rules. The primary rule you have to ingrain in yourself while driving is to drive slow. The speed should not be much less and not too high. There are speed humps installed onto the road at various places to slow down the driver. These are installed at places which are quite busy with other people walking. So it’s better to keep your vehicle slow.

Accidents can also happen in parking lots:

Even parking lots are not safe from accidents. People drive their car out of parking lot really fast. They do not care about other people around them. For this, parking lot speed bumps should be considered. This will ensure that nobody could get hurt, neither the pedestrian nor the driver.

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