Reasons to Choose Used DRV Luxury Suites RV


The major reason to choose used DRV Luxury Suites RVs is to save an ample amount of money. People looking to try out the RV lifestyle always opt for used options due to the numerous benefits it offers. If you want to get the best pre-owned RV, then you should reach Des Moines Used DRV Luxury Suites dealer. Nevertheless, before that take a look at the essential reasons to get used RVs.

Reasons to select used motorhomes

A plethora of reasons is there why one should get a used recreational vehicle. However, the most prominent ones include:

  • Saves money

The primary reason people should opt for used RVs is to save a boatload of money. A new DRV luxury suit might cost well over $100k; however, used ones will cost almost half like $65k or lesser, depending on its condition, repairs made, etc. Owning pre-owned RVs mean people can easily save around $30k-$40k directly, which can be used in other ways like customizing the RV or simply investing it somewhere else.

  • Less depreciation

When buying used RVs, the bulk of depreciation has already occurred; thus, one doesn’t have to face a high depreciating rate when getting pre-owned options. A new motorhome would start depreciating as soon as people drive it home from a dealer. It is said that as soon as an individual drives it home from a showroom, its cost depreciates by 18%.

For the first 5 years, new vehicles depreciate the most and thus, when opting for pre-owned ones people can choose to get RVs older than 5 years. Therefore, if at any point an individual wants to sell the used RV, it will fetch a remarkable selling price. Know more about this by consulting Des Moines Pre-Owned DRV Luxury Suites dealer.

  • Lower premiums and taxes

When opting for new motorhomes people need to pay more premiums than when getting old ones. The simple reason for it is that any new RV will cost more and thus, premiums for it will be more too. Similarly, insurance for new vehicles will be higher; meaning its insurance premiums will be also more than what an individual has to pay for used automobiles.

Lastly, taxes will be higher for any new motorhome than what one requires to pay for pre-owned ones. Hence, opting for used RVs will help in saving money indirectly in the long run.

  • Better options

People will have to stick to what is available in the showroom if they decide to get new motorhomes. Dealers will always sell modern generation new RVs and not old ones. It means the number of options available for prospective buyers is limited to certain trims and models.

Now, if an individual decided to buy used RVs, it means options available are limitless. He/she can choose to get any generation of motorhomes along with limited editions, discontinued versions, etc.

These are crucial reasons why people nowadays prefer to buy used DRV luxury suites rather than new ones. Just check out all available options at a certified reseller and then decide whether you want used motorhomes or not. Thus, contact a dealer near you!

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