Reasons To Feel Good About Buying Cooper Tyres 


Cooper Tyres are built to last, using high quality material that gives the drivers peace of mind. Cooper’s large portfolio of brands has been designed to meet the demands of today’s drivers. Affordable Cooper Tyres prices and outstanding performance makes it a top selling brand in the UAE. Whether you drive an SUV, a 4×4, or a car, Cooper tires offer a long-term value and deeper treads that result in better mileage and solid grip. 


Enjoy the Cooper Difference

Committed to safety and quality of its products, the company undergoes relentless process of improvement. Cooper Tyres offer latest technology in tread design, compound formula for strength, stability, and value for money. Tested and proven in the UAE, the tires come with a mileage warranty of up to 80,000kms. There are three key factors that make Cooper Tires excel as the latest generation of tire technology. 

Tread – Adhering to the revolution in technology, Cooper has also introduced pneumatic tyres, Silica Compounds, and 3D Micro Gauge Siping. This allows enhanced grip, decreased wear, and better fuel mileage. Cooper Tyres come with trademark Stabiledge Technology that results in maximum traction by keeping the tread open. This gives the driver better control. 

Another Cooper trademark, 3D Micro Gauge Sipes lets the tread block to interlock, allowing maximum stability. The wear square indicators by Cooper makes it easy for the driver to determine the remaining tread life. This gives the vehicle owner confidence and assurance of a safe drive. 


Carcass – Cooper Tires have manufactured three types of carcass constructions to match the requirements of different drivers. These include Armor-Tek3, R-Tech, and High Tensile Construction. Some of the top features of these carcass are Extended Bead Filler – this enables faster steering response, safer handling by improving lateral stability, and better emergency control. For adventurous off-roaders, Armor-Tek3 carcass construction gives extra protection against punctures and tears. 


Compound – By incorporating silica-enhanced compounds, Copper Tires has managed to lower rolling resistance and enhance grip, both at the same time. What sets Cooper apart from the other leading brands is that it uses four times more silica. The difference in Cooper Tyres state-of-the-art technology helps evade unexpected complications, allows better control while cornering and braking, all the while maximizing longevity. 


Durable Designs and Superb Features Enhance Cooper Tyres Value

Whether it is Cooper’s all-season, summer, or winter tires, their exceptional mileage warranties and tread wear is hard to beat. Brands like Discoverer, Cooper Zeon CS8, Cooper CS7, and Evolution MTT P.O.R. are built to last, delivering superior wear results and excellent grip over a wide temperature range. Offering maximum longevity, Cooper tyres focus on performance by presenting the best combination of safety, execution, optimized tread profile, and all-season capability. Cooper has tested its tires on some of the roughest terrains, be it around the UAE or other parts of the world. So, when it is time for you to buy tyres, do consider all the terrains that you want to explore and the roads you look forward to tackle. For expert opinion you can also contact Dubai Tyre Shop. An online tyre shop Dubai, it has its network spread all over the UAE. You can get extra professional advice from a local Dubai Tyre Shop expert, along with a free quote on your new tyres right away. 


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