Tips for Repairing Auto Body Repair Shop


There are many beautiful things in nature that you can observe when you are driving, especially when you are outside the city limits. However, many animals, such as deer, can cause a great amount of damage when they collide with your vehicle. Here are some steps you can follow if you hit a deer.

Get Out Of Traffic

If your vehicle is still operational, move it to the curb or a side street to get away from the flow of traffic. Turn on your hazard lights to let other cars know that you are there. Call the police and report what happened to you and the current condition the deer is in. This allows them to send the right type of people to you. Remain in the vehicle until an officer or other emergency personnel arrive on the scene. If you do have to leave the automobile, keep your distance from the deer so it has less chance of harming you if it is still alive and in pain.

Record the Damage

Once authorities arrive, look over the damage done to your vehicle. Take photos with the camera on your cell phone to send to your insurance company when you make your claim. When the police officer gets your information, contact your insurance agent and file the report. They can get a tow truck to you if the collision left you needing suspension work Lakewood CO or there are other issues that make it inoperable. They will also send an adjuster to evaluate what happened and give an estimate of repairs. If the amount the adjuster has determined is more than the worth of the car, they might total it. If it is less, your agent can recommend a body shop to do the repairs. Schedule a time to have it fixed and, if it is more than a day, rent a car or make other arrangements for transportation.

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