Second Generation Camaro Dripping Coolant: Suggestions to Finding Coolant Leaks within your Classic Vehicle


Engine coolant leaks needs to be labored with as rapidly as you possibly can before excessive over-heating damages engine components, possibly causing engine failure. The next generation Camaro belts, hoses, and spark-plug wires could prematurely fail due to excessive heat build-within the engine compartment.

Before looking for the foundation in the leak, it can help to start with a obvious engine. Engine cleaner in spray cans can be found in the local auto parts store.

It’s better to follow to check out a coolant leak within your second generation Camaro by trying to find water stains another signs around the clean engine. Anti-freeze leaks may travel along different pathways before dripping on the ground. A flash light plus a small pocket mirror might help once the way to obtain the leak is not apparent.

Some easy places to look at radiator hose clamps, sides of radiator over the tank seams, heater hose clamps, as well as the be sad hole round the push. Check heater hose connections within the firewall. From beneath the vehicle, inspect the freeze plugs round the engine block as well as the bottom hose clamps on radiator and push. Hose clamps can release up overtime with periodic air conditioning in the rubber hoses these needs to be checked first.

Consider the seams round the radiator where the tanks and core are soldered, coolant stains can found here. In situation your next generation Camaro is not outfitted with air-conditioning, employing a flash light, look using the grille within the radiator core. Once the vehicle includes air-conditioning, the condenser will probably be mounted to front of radiator. You can examine the primary by detaching the top radiator mount and completely pushing the fan shroud back. Engine block freeze-plugs can be tough to change if this describes the foundation. Exhaust manifolds is certainly a blockage. If extraction from the freeze-plug is not achievable at this time, as well as the leak is small, a short fix can be achieved using block-sealer or radiator sealer in the can.

Another generation Camaro might be repaired by most do-it-yourself mechanics, saving an expensive trip to the repair garage

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