Shocking Rolls Royce Facts You Should Know


Rolls Royce is probably one of the first names that come to mind when luxury cars are concerned. 

Almost synonymous with style and opulence in the automobile world, the British automaker has been in existence for what seems like forever, designing some of the most eye-catching cars that ever grazed the roads of the world. 

Here are just a few of the most interesting Rolls Royce facts that every car aficionado should know:

Only One Man Painted All the Pinstripes of Rolls Royce

Not a lot of people know that Rolls Royce automobiles have a penchant for interior and exterior detailing. In fact, the British luxury carmaker can even be considered the epitome of fineness and poise since only one pair of hands has been tasked to paint the pinstripes on all Rolls Royce vehicles for almost two decades now. 

Mark Court owns those pair of skilled hands who is said to earn a 6-figure salary doing such an intricate work ever since the Goodwood plant of the company was opened in 2003. 

This pinstripe overlay is regarded as an exclusive variety that can bind right away to the paint of the vehicle so any errors, oversights, or slips result in the need to repaint the entire car. 

Thus, considering the job’s meticulous nature and not having even the slightest room for mistake, it is only understandable for the band to trust only one gifted person for such a painstaking task!

Pure Bull Skin is Used for Rolls Royce Upholstery 

Fans of pristine upholstery and luxury monomaniacs find themselves gushing over the fact that the Rolls Royce brand exclusively uses bull pelts for the upholstery of their cars. Any Roller boasts of elegant leather, which means every inch of it must be flawless. Since female cattle tend to get stretch marks while pregnant, the luxury British car company never uses cow skin.

However, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rolls Royce’s delivery of faultless detailing. Most of the bulls used for the luxury cars’ upholstery are sourced from Northern Europe with a climate that is too cold to encourage the growth of mosquitoes and other insects. As a result, you will get the chance to sit on sublimely soft seats free from blemishes and bite marks. 

It also takes 8 handpicked bulls to upholster just one Rolls Royce, which is already amazing in itself!

No Room for Damages on the Enchanting Spirit of Ecstasy

Back in the day, the Spirit of Ecstasy, Rolls Royce’s highlight, was prone to be broken, stolen, or even flicked off the front. But with the emblem’s latest improvement, these are no longer possible. 

The brand’s engineers have come up with a safety feature that lets the statuette retract right away to the car’s body every time the car gets subjected to force. It means that if someone tries to scratch, damage, or remove it, the Spirit of Ecstasy hides automatically inside the hood. 

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