3 Aspects of Boat Maintenance In Automatic


Boat maintenance may seem to be one of the less luxurious facets of boat ownership, but everything has to be maintained to stay in good shape—houses, bodies, marine vessels. Maintaining your boat requires regular inspections, but once you know what to look for, taking care of your vessel becomes a rewarding experience. Here are three important aspects of boat maintenance.


To maintain your boat’s engine, start with the basics. Read the owner’s manual. Boat engine problems are often due to the battery or the fuel. Simple steps such as using a fuel additive to prevent damaging oxidation or installing a water-separating fuel filter can make a big difference in how your boat operates. Engine maintenance is similar to that of an automobile. Always replace the battery with a marine battery.

Onboard Systems and Parts

As with automobiles, boats have numerous systems and parts that do everything from provide potable water and sanitation to providing fuel. These systems are complex, though they often include simpler parts such as hoses. While these items may not seem glamorous, their failures can end a luxurious outing and cause major problems. Be sure to inspect all parts of your vessel’s systems regularly, including hoses and marine hose clamps, which are specially designed for boats.

Upholstery and Fabrics

Maintain your vessel’s upholstery. Dirty canvas and upholstery materials can attract mildew and mold. Numerous cleaners are available, and you can also clean effectively with castile soap, perhaps containing essential oils, and water. Many fabrics are manufactured to resist mildew, but that does not mean you should not clean them regularly.

Clean Boating

Maintaining your boat does not have to be a problem. Check it regularly, and take it in for dependable service if you cannot make needed repairs yourself. Keeping its fabrics clean keeps everyone comfortable. Good boat maintenance leads to comfortable and pleasant sailing, wherever you go.

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