Nail Down These Car Control Tips for a Tire Blowout


The loss of car control when driving is a frightening feeling. This can occur under many circumstances, from contacting black ice to swerving around potholes. One of the greatest control challenges happens when a tire blows out; when a tire loses air suddenly, you need to act quickly. Performing these actions can mean the difference between a safe, slow stop and a sudden crash.

Keep Your Senses

While the loud bang of a blowout can be startling, what follows can be terrifying: The steering wheel will jerk in your hands and you will feel the car lurch to the side of the damaged tire. At this point, you need to stay calm. This mindset is critical to making the right decisions and responding physically in an appropriate manner.

Maintain Your Course

Don’t worry about Pulling over. Sudden steering inputs will only hasten a crash. Keep your car going straight, keeping both hands on the wheel. Many drivers worry they will damage their tires by not getting off the road immediately. Maintaining control is more important. You can always visit tire repair North Vancouver to take care of the tire or have it replaced.

Gently Guide Your Car to a Rest

When you feel in control, then you can start to slow down by braking very gently. Try to turn on your flashers quickly, but only if you can keep a grip on the wheel with one hand as you slow. Find a spot where you can pull very far off the road, away from traffic. Call for help.

A tire blowout is rare, but when it occurs you need to be ready. Visualize how you will respond in the event of a sudden loss of tire pressure. By mentally reviewing strategies for safely controlling your car, you can drive another day.



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