The 5 Most Used Car Detailing Products


If you would like to maintain your car’s shiny look and condition, you have to do more than just washing it every other time. It is advisable to take your time every few months to do a thorough car detailing to ensure you take care of your car’s paintwork and maintain its pristine condition. Plus, you don’t have to spend more on a car detailing process. Take note of these best car detailing products, and you can do it on your own.

Car wash soap

There are many reasons to buy the actual car washing soap rather than using other sorts of detergents. One of them is to protect your car’s delicate surface and paintwork. Many people use dishwashing detergent to wash their cars. Dishwashing detergent is formulated to remove grease on your dishes which means that it will fight the wax on your car’s surface, removing its sheen. Many of the car wash products are formulated with more lubricant to protect your car’s paint finish.

Ceramic detailer

NexGen ceramic spray is one of the most used car detailing products over the last few years. What makes this ceramic spray unique is the silicon dioxide percentage it contains. It contains a staggering 13% SiO2 compared to many other ceramic sprays in the market with under 1%. The benefit of silicon dioxide is that it creates a coating of nanoparticles on your car’s surface, protecting it against grease, salt, grime, water, pollen, and direct UV rays. This means that after detailing your vehicle with this product, it will maintain its shiny look for longer (up to 4times longer) than other ceramic sprays in the market.

Torque detail formula boosts your car’s shine to a noticeable extent. It is one of the best-detailing products to use if you want to increase your car’s glossiness. It contains silicon dioxide and is categorized as a ceramic coating. It lasts longer than other ceramic coatings in the market and has proven to offer good value for money if you want to detail your car within a budget. 

For the best results, ensure your car is clean and dry, then spray the detailing product one part at a time. You can add an extra layer of the coating for more sheen once you buff the first layer. Ensure you read the product’s reviews, such as the Shine armor reviews, to ensure you are buying the right product.

Car wash mitts

It can be very tempting to use a towel to wash your car, but you need to resist that urge. Invest in a car wash hand mitt or use a sponge. Most mitts are made from microfiber, which is gentle on your car’s surface. Just ensure you invest in a high-quality one to last longer.

Car wax

After thoroughly washing your car, a coat of wax leaves your car with a mirror-like shine that can last for months. Additionally, you should research what is best for your car, between ceramic coating vs. wax when it comes to maintaining a pristine look for your car.


Car detailing only works to your benefit since it maintains the shiny look of your vehicle, its value and boosts its lifespan.

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