2021 Honda Passport – The Car worth Checking Out


Nice handling, ample capabilities, and spacious is what makes the 2021 Honda Passport, the car worth checking out. Moreover, it is excellently equipped for the affordable price that an individual has to pay for this vehicle. Modern tech features and updated standard safety features ensures that people get the best when purchasing it.

Its specifications are enough for people to check out this vehicle when in Piedmont Honda dealer store and that is why the specs are laid below in as much detail as possible. Have a look to know why it’s the car worth checking out.

V6 engine for 2021 Honda Passport

One of the most spectacular things Honda did was to equip this vehicle with a V6 engine that gives it the power, which makes this car stand apart. With the V6, automatic 9-speed transmission is paired that helps in smooth changing of gears as well as have horsepower of 280. Though the standard option available is FWD drivetrain, people looking for all-terrain driving capability can opt for the AWD option for an additional payment.

What makes it worth checking out apart from its engine and powerful attributes is its ground clearance of at least 7.5 inches and towing ability of 5000 lbs. One might feel the ride to be rough when on off-road paths but overall provides a smooth driving experience. Also, it is quick and accelerates adequately on highway. Direct steering and comfortable ride is what makes this vehicle always feel nimble; an attribute that people love to have in their cars.

Mileage provided by this automobile is in cities 20 mpg and 25 mpg on highway. However, the AWD version will offer 19 and 24 (mpg) in the city limits and on highways respectively. If you are looking for more details on this aspect, then visit Honda dealer serving Piedmont.

Interior design

From the controls layout to the materials used for the interior built is impressive, especially when compared with the price tag of this vehicle. Though mostly it depends on touchscreen controls, there are still buttons and knobs present to make it user-friendly.

With comfortable seats, handy armrest, and more; people can expect this car to provide optimal comfort for all. Rear seat is quite spacious and allows 2021 Passport to carry a maximum of 5 people.

However, another reason for people checking out this car is the cargo space. Storage of 41 cubic feet allows people to store 15 carry-ons at least and folding back row ensures that Passport can carry more than double (33) carry-ons. Also, central console and throughout interior there are storage bins and cubby to hold various small items.

The 2021 Honda Passport starts from $33,970, which is the base model Sport. However, if you are purchasing one then you should get either one of the three options; EXL ($37,990), Touring ($40,860), or Elite ($45,359).

Now you decide which will be more suitable for you after a test ride. However, one thing is for sure that each trim is worth checking out especially when compared with prices and competitors in this division.

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