3 Types of Marine Toilets Available For Your Boat Car


The type of toilet required on a boat is significantly different than that required on land. Both for sanitation and functional purposes, a marine head needs to store and treat the sewage based on maritime laws.

  1. Porta-Potty

The most basic type of toilet on a boat, and the least expensive, is a porta-potty. These work well on small boats, with many marinas and camping areas having pump-out services available to you. You won’t need many marine plumbing parts supplies to keep this up and running on your boat. Besides the fact that you have to empty it yourself, it can be the easiest option for your boat.

  1. Holding Tank

Holding tanks are a common system on liveaboard boats. The problem with this type of system is the hoses. They can absorb smells and will need to be replaced every few years or you’ll have an odor problem even when the tank is empty. This toilet uses raw water wherever you’re sailing. Seawater can smell worse because of the abundance of critters in the water that will flow through your system.

  1. Pump-Through System

The most complex toilet available for a boat is a pump-through system that treats the raw sewage to make it safe to pump overboard. Power and freshwater are connected to this type of toilet, making it the most advanced setup. It requires a plumber to install, manage and upkeep.

Keep you and your guests free from nasty problems onboard when you remind them to use biodegradable toilet paper only. They also need to know that nothing else can be flushed into the system, that’s what the trash can is for.

Having a toilet on board can be a welcome bit of luxury as long as you adhere to maritime laws. To prevent fines for dumping untreated sewage, make sure you know where to go to pump out your tank.


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