Are You Following the Regular Car Maintenance Schedule?


Owning a car is a pleasure for everyone but maintaining it might not appear all that pleasant to all. Not only that it requires a good amount of money, but it also leaves you without a car for days together, which is no less than an annoying hazard. But did you recently skip a maintenance schedule just to avoid all these? If yes, then unfortunately you are trapping yourself into a much bigger trouble.

At the Rathdrum service center, we got to know, that in most cases, car owners show immense reluctance in following the recommended maintenance schedule. To skip a small responsibility they fall prey to bigger investments and troubles. The servicing components that come under regular maintenance are much cheaper and easier to be executed than big repairs. Rather it is only undergoing these regular maintenance jobs that a big and major repair can be avoided.

Oil Change

Changing motor oil is considered as  one of the major components of regular maintenance that help keep the engine components of a vehicle at its top performing condition. Every vehicle owner recommends an oil change at a particular time, which one can find in the owner’s manual. Cars that are manufactured before 2008 are advised an oil change in every three months or once in every 3,000 miles of travel.

Vehicles released after 2008 however can wait six months between two oil changes or can run 5,000-7,000 miles without an oil change.

But it is only the difference in the interval span that can be observed between two oil changes. But it stays equally an important maintenance component for all kinds of vehicles. It is so because the engine compartment of every vehicle needs to have a smooth flow of lubrication in order to create a layer of protection between the different engine parts to protect them from rubbing and scratching against each other. this way it also helps the engine components from getting overheated.

When the manufacturer suggests a particular time frame for an oil change for a particular vehicle model, it is to make sure that after crossing a certain level of usage and time, the engine oil doesn’t become contaminated and ineffective. Avoiding a timely oil change will on the other hand bring all these troubles that are also harmful for any vehicle.

Change of Filters

Be it the engine oil or the cabin atmosphere, it is the presence of filters that keep them clean and help the car breathe. At the time of oil change and other maintenance jobs, it is required to get the filters of oil and cabin changed after certain intervals, or else the change of oil will not take any effect. The reason is that, with an overused and stale filter, the engine compartment can’t stay protected from the roadside dust and debris. As a result, the engine oil, however new and fresh will take no time to get contaminated again, explained the technicians of the auto service center near Rathdrum.

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