Effect of a Timely Oil Change in Overall Car Performance


A vehicle moves as a cumulative effect of several mechanisms. The level of performance it delivers is dependent on the conditions of the different parts that comprise these mechanisms. All this work in a similar pattern like that of a human body. In vehicles, it is the motor oil that functions like blood. So, if that gets contaminated, every other system will start failing one by one.

This is the basic reason why oil changing is considered as one of the most important preventive maintenance servicing, as it directly contributes to the overall performance level of any car.

A group of mechanics who offer oil change service near Kuna opined, that one of the most common car issues which come up, can be avoided, by a timely oil change, as it will delay the process of wear and tear to many other related parts.

They explained it further when we asked them, and what we got to learn changed the way we used to think about performance.

Problem with Acceleration

If these days your car is not picking up the speed in a smooth flow, and it is taking more time to accelerate, then take a look, if you have skipped the due oil changing session. If yes, perform it as soon as possible, and see the difference.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Recently if your caris need of frequent visits to the pumping station than usual, then it needs an immediate inspection. But mostly this happens when the engine gets over heated and there isn’t enough of lubrication. It can also happen if the engine oil has become overly contaminated or its quantity has gone below the recommended level. Once you change the motor oil, it is expected that your car will come back to its original state of fuel efficiency.

All these issues can be avoided, if you strictly follow the oil change schedule as that will take care of all the related parts in smooth succession. For this all you have to do is set up a reminder on your phone, so that you never miss out an oil change schedule.

White Smoke Emission

Instead of the usual translucent vapor, if your car exhaust pipe emits white smoke in big quantities, know that it is time for an immediate engine check-up. But before you head towards athorough inspection, check the ground below your car for any oil leakage.

The Effect of Oil Change

The effect of changing the motor oil in time can be best understood with the smooth flow of things, like good acceleration, having its usual mileage and above all, a buttery smooth movement of the car.


The head of the mechanical team running the Kuna oil change service explained us further that when theengine oil gets severely contaminated, it can also stop the engine from working all of a sudden. It so happens because the contaminated motor oil is unable to flow smoothly because of the accumulated dust and debris that clogs up the entire engine compartment.

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