Don Forman Nissan Art Of Giving Overshadows Profitable Business


How an entrepreneur considers the community in which he has lived goes a long way in establishing their lasting legacy. Don Forman exemplifies the concept of giving back to the community he strongly believes made him become who he is. As a founder and owner of Don Forman Nissan, Don is an accomplished businessman who has spent many years helping others achieve what they literally dream to achieve. 

One of the ways Don has shown his philanthropy and love for humanity is during the deadly Las Vegas shooting that left many people distressed and not knowing where to get help from. To respond to the needs of many people, Don Forman made a deliberate step to stop all his business operations and asked all his employees to provide free rides to relocate people to safe grounds.  What’s more, he also organized blood donation drives that helped victims of mass shootings. Through these acts of humanity, the name Don Forman has since stood out from the crowd.

He has also given cars for free to those who needed them most. For example, he donated cars to people who needed them to go to their places of work but who lacked the money to buy one. Ideally, he is always engaged in acts of charity that provide an opportunity to those who do not have the privilege. His conviction is that all people should be treated equally and be helped to realize the potential they have. 

Student Sponsorships

Throughout his life, Don Forman believes in the power of education and its ability to liberate the minds of young people. Forman has been at the forefront of helping needy students in Las Vegas and beyond through his generous scholarships. Through these gestures, many people across the globe hold his name in high regard. 

Free Rides During the Las Vegas Shooting

Don Forman is undoubtedly a classic example of charity and philanthropy in action. As the undoubted king of the automotive dealership in Las Vegas, he has not ignored giving back to the community. He has shown that combining business and philanthropy is possible and he has been able to impact many lives. From helping needy families to providing free rides and education sponsorships, Don Forman has always been available to lend a helping hand to other dealerships operating in Las Vegas. 

While the achievements that Don Forman has registered are undoubtedly incredible, he doesn’t think that his contributions are meant to show off but to simply appreciate that giving others is a blessing. He remains a role model in the world of entrepreneurship and is proud to lead by example. He plus his team of partners and employees are dedicated to continuing to empower the youngsters and needy families that are vulnerable. 

The ongoing global pandemic due to COVID-19 has dramatically impacted automotive sales and the world of business at large. A long period of declining sales in the industry coupled with the reduced income levels have and will continue to present serious challenges to enterprises, but Don Forman Nissan remains on a steady growth trend thanks to the goodwill that people continue to shower to the founder for his dedicated effort to save humanity.  The successes registered during these difficult moments have been attributed to the excellent customer service, incredible knowledge in the automotive industry, and the unyielding commitment to turning people’s dreams into living realities. 

Why Don Forman Nissan Continues to Help People

While a majority of automotive dealerships across the world are only focused on maximizing profits, Don Forman believes in charitable and humanitarian endeavors. After all, it is the people that made his business empire grow to this level and so the only way to appreciate their contribution to the great successes is through lifting them up at the time of need.

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