Snapped It Off: Broken-Key Blues Auto


Most people have had a key break off in a lock at least once in their lives. This obstacle can occur for several reasons: cold metal, jammed locks, over-eager hands or simply an old keys No matter the reason, when it happens, you need to open the lock look for car key replacement Livingston TX. Here’s how.

Use What You Have

While the key might have broken, all hope is not lost. With some luck, you may be able to use the two parts of the key to get the lock to turn. Firm pressure on the exterior part of the key, pushing inward against the piece of the key still in the lock may be enough to get it to turn the tumblers. This will only work if you can insert at least a little of the outer part of the key into the lock, however.

Remove the Remnant

You need to remove the part of the key stuck in the lock before anything can be done to fix the situation. Depending upon where exactly the break occurred, there may be enough of the key sticking out to simply pull it. However, if the break doesn’t leave any of the body of the key sticking out, a pair of needle-nose pliers may be able to penetrate the lock and grip the key. If that doesn’t work, more extreme methods such as gluing the pieces back together inside of the lock or drilling out the key may be needed.

Get a Replacement

When the key is removed from the lock, you will need to replace it. Hopefully, all you will need is a new key, but if the lock was damaged during the process, it may need to be replaced as well.

Broken keys are never fun, but they don’t have to be a big problem. Most incidents will be solved easily enough, and if you cannot remove the key yourself, a locksmith is usually just a call away.


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