First Signs of Radiator Problems to Be Observed in Your Vehicle


A vehicle runs on the coordinated effort of many systems and machines. The radiator is one such component that too plays an important role in running a vehicle. It helps in maintaining the right temperature in vehicle’s  internal machinery. If the radiator of a vehicle stops functioning properly, it can cause substantial amount of damage to the engine that will require a serious repair job, explained a mechanic of the Apple Valley auto repair shop.

The Role of a Car Radiator

The radiator in a vehicle plays a critical role for its cooling system. The major work of the radiator is to prevent the engine section from being overheated. It does so by constantly pumping in cold air, recycling the coolantand the internal water into the engine.

Common Signs of Radiator Problems

Here we are listing down the most common signs for you to watch out that are indicative of an issue happening with your vehicle radiator.


If the radiator stops functioning properly, the result can be seen in the engine that won’t cool down easily. In other wordsoverheating of your vehicle engine or the increasing temperature in the cabin are direct signs that the any of the engine components, like the radiator is damaged.

Leakage of Coolant

If you are seeing a pool of liquid beneath your car that is green or yellow in color, then it is a sign that your car coolant is leaking, and it requires an immediate repair.

Coolant Light Turning On

If a “low coolant light” is turning on of its own on your dashboard, then it is evident that your car coolant is low. It can also be indicative of the fact that there is a hidden leakage somewhere, if you have recently topped up the fluid. In such case, you need to consult a mechanic.

Collapsing of Radiator Hose

If your car radiator faces a damage, it can also cause damage to the hose and lead to a collapse or breakage to the hoses that can also break free from the radiator.

Emission of Steam

If you find steam emitting out from under the hood of your car, you can be pretty sure, that it is an issue with the radiator. To prevent your car from any further damage simply turn off the car engine and tow it to the nearest possible repair shop.

Stay Safe

According to the mechanical staff of the center of auto repair Apple Valley, in anu such serious situations, one should pop up the hood and start inspecting the radiator. But they repeatedly warned us not to make any attempt to check the radiator, before the engine components cool down, since they will be tremendously hot because of the running of the engine.

The Bottom Line

The radiator is a very important part of the engine that requires sound technical knowledge. Hence at the sight of any signs of trouble of the radiator, one should only take the help of a trained mechanic and not delay a repair work.

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