How to care for old cars: essential care to preserve classic cars


Ah, the vintage car! There are few objects capable of transmitting this same mystique and commanding so much desire. Each vintage car carries a moment in history in its design and manufacture. The aim is not only to preserve the good performance of the vehicle but also to preserve its original performance and appearance, in the smallest details. Keeping a vintage car all original is a real challenge, especially if you consider the natural wear and tear on components and finish items over time. The auto industry has changed over time but the functioning of your car has not, so a lot of care needs to be adapted when it comes to classic cars.

The importance of the exterior

The first impact that a Nash Metropolitans car has is without a doubt the look. It is difficult to see an all-original classic car pass by on the street and not stop to admire it. It is when we naturally perceive all the art involved in the composition of the automobile. This impression is undoubtedly the desire of every owner involved in the world of classic cars. The exterior is like a showcase where all the work invested in the vehicle is exposed.

Tires and transmission

The conservation of tires influences not only the functioning of the car, but also the preservation of the wheels – extremely important items of originality. They must be calibrated frequently and changed at the end of the expiration date or as soon as dryness points appear. A classic like Nash Metropolitans must have a well-maintained engine and body parts. If you find any problem with its transmission, buy the Nash metropolitan transmission from online store at affordable prices.

Detailing and finishing

Another point of attention outside the vehicle is the finishing details, especially the dual tone in Nash Metropolitans. Its wear tends to be very apparent and, depending on the model, its replacement can be very difficult. Ideal is to preserve each element, using polishers against corrosion and avoid contact with highly abrasive elements. Keeping the reservoir full and the blades of the windshield wipers always fresh, scratches on the glass are avoided. The wheels, on the other hand, require a good washing and cleaning with metal cleaners, especially after long journeys in which pollution has affected their appearance.


Preserving the quality of the painting is one of the main concerns on the part of the owner. It is recommended to decontaminate the bodywork before washing, especially if the vehicle was exposed to factors that affect the paintwork, avoiding stains. Some old cars tend to accumulate water in some places, which should be avoided so that there is no corrosion damage. Regular application of wax is also essential to preserve the shine and polishing must be carried out with care, using suitable products. The world of classic cars is full of information and it is possible to identify the original color by searching for the chassis number.

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