Why You Should Never Put Off an Oil Change


An oil change is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to maintain your car. If you drive every day, the recommended 3,000 miles comes around pretty quickly. Instead of procrastinating, here are several reasons you should never put that oil change off.

Keeps Your Motor Clean

Dirt can be lethal to a car’s engine and part of oil’s job is to keep these particles away from your motor. After several months, the oil becomes dirty itself, so it must be changed. If you’ve ever seen anyone change oil, you know how dark old oil is compared to new, so it’s crucial to change it on schedule.

Ensures Proper Lubrication

A car’s engine consists of many metal parts and to avoid having them rub together, they need to stay properly lubricated. If you’re due for an oil change Burlingame CA, don’t put it off. The last thing you want is to have your engine seize up and leave you with a costly repair.

Reduces Engine Heat

While oil keeps all those parts lubricated, it’s also one component in regulating the engine’s temperature. It already reduces friction, but it also moves normal heat from the motor and circulates it. Neglecting an oil change is like skipping a visit to the doctor, so don’t let it go.

Gives You Better Mileage

What does oil have to do with gas mileage? When a car is running smoothly, it’s going to perform better and drive more efficiently. Though you might not notice a difference immediately, over time the miles add up.

Extends the Life of Your Car

Few things in life reap so many benefits for such a minimal price, but an oil change is one of them. For just a little money and a quick appointment at the shop, you’ll be doing exactly what you need to protect your car’s engine and extend the life of your car.

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