How To Import A Car Into Australia


When it comes to importing a car into Australia, or any other country really, the most important thing for a successful import is to have a good plan, that you have developed thanks to good research that you should do before you actually begin the importing process.

Doing the research

If you happen to be importing a car into Australia with a help of a company like Dazmac or someone else, they are usually going to help you out by giving you guidelines of what documentation you may require, however, before you can even ask for their help, you must know what vehicle you want to import.

You should consider a vehicle that is approved by Australia, as there are some vehicles that have been completely banned in Australia for various reasons. Another thing that you should consider, is that the car is under 30 years old.

While there are many vehicles that require no modifications at all, in some cases, there are cars that will require slight changes before they are eligible to be used in Australia. Modifying cars is usually not that big of an issue, but it does cost money.

Speaking of money, it is very important to check out if your desired vehicle is considered a luxury car in Australia, as this can add up quite a big fee to the importing process. You can easily check out the latest list of luxury cars in Australia by a simple search on the internet, as it gets updated semi-annually.

Check if your car is eligible for import

Things to consider before and during shipping

When it comes to requirements for importing a car from Australia to NZ with Dazmac Logistics or the other way around, it is very important to organize that your vehicle is completely cleaned before it is shipped. If you hire a company to handle the shipping for you, like Dazmac for example, your vehicle is going to undergo a complete steam cleaning.

The best way to ship a vehicle these days, is in a cargo container. Not only that it can be easily loaded on the cargo ship, but it will also be completely safe, no one is going to temper with it during the transport, and it will receive any damage.

Cars are shipped in cargo boxes these days

Register the vehicle upon arrival

It is quite a big surprise that a lot of people tend to forget to register their new vehicle once it arrives into Australia, since they had to register it in the country they are importing it from. While in some cases the foreign registration is valid for a limited time, once that time passes, you are at risk of paying a fee if caught with an unregistered vehicle.

Final Word

If you follow the instructions that we mentioned in this article, you are going to have an easy time importing your vehicle into Australia, and you will not have to worry about taking too long to arrive into your hands, drive safe.

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