The right time to buy a motorcycle


Anyone looking to get a new bike is always asking when it’s the best time to get one. I know because I always wondered. Some argue that the best time to buy a motorcycle is when the manufacturers release new brands.

With that being said, you should be sure first to check the person you are dealing with when buying motorcycles. You don’t want to focus so much on getting a bargain that you buy a stolen bike. So do your research well to ensure you are dealing with a verified and registered dealer. Also, look at things like insurance, the type of motorcycle you can comfortably handle, and your purpose of getting one.

Here are some of the best times to consider getting a new motorbike.


During winter, there are very few people if any, who are cycling. For this reason, motorcycle sales are usually meager. Hence it is one of the most appropriate times to pay a visit to the dealers and find out what prices they have to offer. If you get a good motorcycle imports dealer, they might give you one of the best bargains during this time.

Tax season

When it comes to tax, everyone wants to save, including the motorcycle dealers. They are also excited and look forward to saving a few coins here and there. They strive to reduce inventory before the given date. Therefore, you should plan to visit your dealer during the tax season, and you might end up walking home a happy person.

Fiscal year-end

Towards the end of the year, dealers work around the clock to clear their old stock. They aim to meet their already set goals before moving to New Year, which requires new stock and new models. At such times, the motorcycle dealers look forward to sealing deals with their clients, and you might be lucky enough to get your dream motorcycle at a lower price than you budgeted for or thought.

Release of new models

New models come into the market after a certain period. During such times, the old stock in the shops ought to be cleared to create enough space for the new models. The creation of space calls for stock clearing, which often leads to dealers selling the motorcycles at discounted prices.

Lastly, avoid waiting for the summer period to make your purchase. Every rider aspires to hit the road and enjoy the breeze and sun along those highways. Waiting to buy during the summer might make you buy a motorcycle at a higher price than you buying during the winter season.

Also, avoid buying when you desperately want to ride, buying motorcycles during those periods may make you buy at relatively high prices.

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