3 Important Signs That You Need To Replace Your Battery Car


If you have a vehicle, it is likely that one day you will have an issue related to your battery. Batteries, like any other vehicle component, are prone to wearing out. They are also quite complex pieces of equipment, so knowing when to replace them can be tough. Here are a few signs that it’s time to take your battery to a shop for auto repair Apopka FL.

  1. The Battery Is Old

Perhaps the most obvious sign is age. Most batteries last three to five years, so if you’ve had yours for longer than that, then problems are to be expected. You can check to see how old your battery is by looking at its product sticker. It should have a date code signifying the month and the year it was made.

  1. Your Engine Is Slow To Start

Another obvious sign is a slow-starting engine. If you have to sit and crank on the ignition multiple times before your engine fires up, then you might have a battery that needs to be replaced. Although cold weather can affect your battery’s performance, repeated ignition problems indicate that you might have a serious issue on hand.

  1. Corroded Connectors

Another major sign of battery trouble is when your connectors start to collect a white, greenish, or even blue substance. This type of corrosion collects most at the positive terminal and almost always appears with age. Build-up like this can weaken the integrity of your terminals by creating too much electrical resistance, affecting your vehicle’s voltage, and overall making it harder to start your vehicle.

Although there may be other signs, checking for these three important clues of a bad battery may save you time. Discovering one of these issues can help you rule out other potential problems and get you back on the road in no time.

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