What is your review of the Nissan Navara?


The Nissan Navara is one of Nissan’s more affordable 4×4 cars. With a strong engine and spacious cab design that can carry a lot of weight, this car offers an elegance that makes it feel unique. Do not take just our opinion on it, look at the facts and get your own opinion.

The Nissan Navara is an approach to make a car that would be the best suited for the average driver. This goes for the price and customizability as this Nissan vehicle features all that you would need without taking a chunk out of your bank account. Having different designs of the original cab model, you can make sure that one would suit what you would like. Being able to choose more space or more seats, the options are what separates this vehicle from others.

Depending on the model you want, you will see a few different engines. Do not worry though because most models offer an automatic or manual option, so you can pick your favorite. Reaching a strong 120km, this vehicle can match roads while holding all the power. Being able to pull 3.5 tonnes off weight, you can accomplish most daily scenarios with ease.

This car is not just strong and customizable, it is also safe. Earning a 5-Star ANCAP rating, the Nissan Navara is excellent for the passengers. This is thanks to the effort Nissan put into the design and structure to make sure that you would be safe while driving. This rating was also achieved thanks to the safety features and gadgets that are built-in.

How reliable is the new Nissan Navara?

With a 5-Star ANCAP rating, it is easily a very safe vehicle, not just for the driver but also for the passengers. Throughout the Nissan Navara are safety features that use the latest technology. The main feature you will see is the Anti-Lock Braking System. This does what the name suggests, it stops the wheels from locking up after having to do a hard brake. For other vehicles, when something jumps out on the road and requires you to brake hard, the wheels would lock up causing you to lose control.


Some other safety features you should expect to see are airbags, traction control, electronic brake-force, and vehicle dynamic control.

What to look for when buying a Nissan Navara?

When you look at buying the Nissan Navara or any car, in particular, you should see how efficient it is. The Nissan Navara achieves an average fuel consumption so you will not need to empty your wallet every time you need to get fuel. This is good because unlike other cars with the same averaged fuel consumption, the Nissan Navara has more strength and gadgets that take that fuel. 

If you care about the cost you should also look at the cheaper models as they are a lot better for the price than what other cars ask for. The more expensive models offer a few extra features and having more custom designs with the exterior and engine, so if you do not care as much about money then there is an option for you.

If you are looking to pick up a Nissan Navara then head over to the website and book an appointment.

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