How To Get Your Car Insured In The UAE?



Getting your car insured can be quite a menace. There are different types of policies which people do not understand. To get the required number of sales, insurance brokers and companies oversell the features of the policy. At times, they leave out the potential downfalls of the policy. When you get in an accident, you realize that the policy was not what you had intended to buy. At the end, you end up paying a lot more than expected.

In countries like the UAE where car insurance is compulsory, you need to be extra vigilant. There are various companies selling car insurance in the UAE. Therefore, you must do adequate research on different types of insurance policies and companies selling them. Now, let us talk in detail about how to get your car insured in the UAE. Pay close attention as you might end up getting a much better deal if you know the right steps.

Steps for Getting Your Car Insured in the UAE

It is always a good practice to talk to at least 5 or 6 companies. Do not rush into buying a policy simply because the rates look good. You can find better rates at other companies. Therefore, keep searching. Once you have visited 5, 6 insurance providers, take a break. The next logical step is to compare the policies of each provider. Do not just look at the rates. A better approach would be to contact an insurance broker who can easily guide you through all the differences, advantages and disadvantages. 

A company might be charging a higher rate but providing numerous other benefits. Likewise, a provider offering you a low rate might not give you added benefits like towing, roadside assistance, refueling etc. There are numerous benefits which insurance providers offer to customers. So, make sure to check each of them out.

These benefits might seem a little extra. But trust me when I say that they are not. Many of the extra benefits are a must have! Once you have compared the rates & benefits, make a decision. Select one provider. After doing so, closely study the plan again. Ask any questions you might have. Do not hesitate. Insurance companies are notorious for leaving out many important details. Therefore, ask as much as you can.

Once you are satisfied that this is the perfect policy for you, try to negotiate on getting better rates. You might be too shy or hesitant to consider it but always negotiate. Insurance companies always keep a little margin. So, you might get a better rate through negotiating. It might not seem much but having extra savings is always good.

When all this is done, sign the contract and you have successfully gotten your car insured. This is how simple it is! Obviously, the insurance providers will also do a little bit of homework. They will look into your credit score and your past driving record. It will help them determine the right rate for you.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article today. We hope that you find it informative. Share your feedback & let us know if you feel that we have missed out a crucial point. Thank You.


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