Pros and Cons of Different Types of Car Repair Services



If you live in a major city, like Atlanta, if you need to take your car to the garage for repair or maintenance, you will most likely take it to a major dealership that specializes in that make of car. They know all the nuances of your make and model, so you feel comfortable taking it them regardless of the fact that you are paying a premium for doing so.

The fact of the matter is that over the years, smaller independent car repair Edmonds WA garages have just about become extinct in most major cities. There used to be a time when you would take your cars to a local garage where you had known and trusted the mechanic, in most cases the owner for years. I use the plural form for car because it does not matter what make and model of the car you currently own is. You trusted this garage with the Buick you used to own and you feel the same way about the Toyota that you currently own. You may have even gone to school with this mechanic and know his family and where he lives.

While some things have improved over the years and through consolidation and survivor of the fittest become more efficient, this is one dynamic that is questionable. Big box stores have replaced small independent stores. Walmart has driven smaller mom-and-pop general stores out of business, Publix has replaced smaller locally-owned grocery stores where you knew the owners and the families. But the result has been greater efficiency and lower prices so it is accepted and supported for the most part.

Having your car repaired at a major car dealership has not resulted in lower prices. Greater efficiency may have been achieved, but the cost of parts and labor comes at a premium. Fortunately, in some smaller cities, certainly, down south in Florida, independent carb repair garages still exist and are in abundance. All you have to do if you prefer the tried and true model of this type of car repair is to pack up, leave your big city and move there.


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