Getting to Know the Colt Diesel Truck


Adequate means of transportation to facilitate distribution activities are of course in the form of vehicles that have a large and strong carrying capacity and have reliable engine durability. Given the wide range of goods distribution areas from one area to another.. No wonder the truck sales figures are getting better day by day, especially with the number of new roads or toll roads that have been opened recently.

One of the fleets that can be relied upon to support these activities is the Colt diesel truck type of transportation. The colt diesel truck is the smallest freight transporter in the class of car carriers for this type of truck. These trucks generally have a large payload specification that can accommodate loads ranging from 2 to 3.5 tons with a volume range of 14 cubic. The Colt Diesel truck has undergone many variations with the addition of the number of rear tires to six wheels, which previously only had four. With the addition of wheels, of course, the amount of cargo that can be transported also increases to 1 ton.

  1. Colt Diesel Truck Type

Colt Diesel trucks circulating in Indonesia can be classified into two major groups, namely Colt Diesel Engkel (CDE) and Colt Diesel Double (CDD). Both trucks are a class of small trucks when compared to the Fuso. But both have differences that lie in the number of tires used. If the CDE or Colt Diesel Engkel is a small truck with 4 tires, it can still be used to reach narrow locations such as alleys, while the CDD or Colt Diesel Double has more tires, which like as renault magnum euro 6 are six and has a larger capacity than CDE.

  1. New Colt Diesel Truck Price

The price of the new Colt Diesel Truck in Indonesia is very varied. This depends on several different specification factors such as variants, capacities, and features available on the truck. For example, the Mitsubishi manufacturer which has many variants of Colt Diesel, starting from the Colt Diesel Super Speed, Colt Diesel Super Power, Colt Diesel Super Capacity, to the Colt Diesel Super Economical. The number of variants really spoils consumers in terms of choosing the type of transportation that will be used according to their needs. Consumers can also rent it if they need this type of truck in a variety of types.

  1. Used Colt Diesel Truck Price

A car or transportation is considered good and quality if it has a good after-sales price. The price of a used colt diesel truck is very varied. Variations in the price of these second-hand trucks can be influenced by several things such as the body, year of manufacture, engine performance, capacity, kilometer range, etc.

Along with the times and technology, the type of truck also experienced good development. Trucks are not only a means of transporting goods but are also equipped with various modern and sophisticated features that can certainly improve the quality and comfort for the drivers. The factory, like as adblue emulator euro 6, also equips today’s trucks with engines whose engines can produce strong power so that they are able to carry heavy loads on long and long trips.

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