Why Auto Experts are Recommending the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan


In the over saturated segment of crossover SUVs, the auto experts will always recommend the models that have well-rounded all its aspects to serve the purpose of this body type. It is needless to say, while not many models will be able to meet their expectations, some will take over others. The 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan is one such model, that could stand ahead of its rival models that come with three rows of seats to haul a large size family.

Experts whom we met at the Volkswagen car dealerships in Bakersfield recommended the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan model series as one of the most useful crossover SUV models, for being a good family hauler that reaches people to their destinations safely because of its good safety equipment. The 2020 Volkswagen is also an excellent performer on the roads that do not let any of the road imperfections sneak inside the interior cabin, disturbing its tranquil atmosphere. The new 2020 edition of this family hauler increases its overall value by adding a handful of standard collision-avoidance technologies.

Conservative Styling

The first thing that will cross your mind, when you see the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan models is that the automaker has not chased the current trends. Rather it has drawn the silhouette of the Tiguan in a conservative style that is well-proportioned from all sides. But that doesn’t imply that in the 2020 Volkswagen is asking you to step backwards, if you choose to vail all the advantages, that it packs inside its exterior frame. On the contrary, Volkswagen has maintained the elegance that comes from the conservative approach to designs and didn’t opt out from modernity when you look at its stylish demeanor.

Ride Comfort

Inside, every cabin of the 2020 Tiguan lies a spacious cabin that offers all the comfort appointments in a subdued fashion. The cabin arranges three rows of seats composed of soft-touch, low-sheen, materials for its upholstery that are hard-wearing. For infotainment Volkswagen has installed a 6.5-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility that is set as standard, but one can choose the optional 8.0-inch display for a small amount.

Power Lineup for 2020

The 2020 edition of Volkswagen Tiguan queues up as S, SE, SEL and SEL Premium trim levels, that increase in comfort levels as well as in performance score in tune with the price that climbs up in the above said order. The base models of the 2020 Tiguan run with 184-horsepower derived from a docile 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that works in tune with an 8-speed automatic transmission to send the power to either the front or to all four wheels, as you’ve configured your Tiguan model.

This is the standard powertrain makes the handling easier for the novice driver, resulting into a composed drive.

The experts of the Volkswagen car dealers near Bakersfield concluded, that it is the perfect balance maintained between all the aspects of a crossover segment that makes them recommend this model to the shoppers who visit their dealership showrooms.


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